Changing Skincare Routine with Age

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Skin is the largest organ of the body. Apart from obviously keeping our insides in, it crucially protects us from the outside. It feels great to have lovely looking skin, but from birth and throughout life, we believe skin health should be the priority.

It is almost never too early to start a skincare routine! It’s also never too late to start.

You can get into good habits early, for life, to prevent skin concerns. We can all cheekily appreciate that we may all at some point, we may not take our make-up off after a late night out…but cultivating discipline around your routine overall, means that it is rarely too much trouble to actually do it.

Good skincare also does not have to be complicated, although your skin needs will build as you age. Here are a few tips about what you can do as you get older:


Babies up to 6 months

Babies under 6 months should be kept in the shade and be covered with clothing and hats. Sun protection is a lifelong skin saviour, and at this age, it is best to keep it simple.

From 6 months up to teenage years

After 6 months and throughout life, broad spectrum sunscreen (over SPF30) can be introduced, as well as the other sun protection measures like clothing and hats. Hydration with simple moisturisers will also keep the skin barrier healthy. Sunscreen is important every day for the rest of your life, in winter as well as summer from here.

Teenage years

Teenagers have skin changes that are mainly hormonally driven. At this point, cleansing with a salicylic acid can help with oil and acne control (Acne Clarifying Cleanser). Use of a non occlusive moisturiser (Hydrasmooth) will minimise breakouts. Exfoliating once a week will help shed the top layer and stimulate new skin production. Apart from the usual sunscreen, vitamin C serums can also be safely brought into the mix to keep skin changes like excess pigmentation from acne at bay.

Adulthood 20-30

Even if your skin is still looking amazing at this time, skin regeneration is now slowing down. Collagen and elastin levels start to decrease, as well as hydration. Cleansing (Purifying gel cleanser) remains important so that your skin is clean, and products you apply can seep in. If you have not done so already, antioxidants like vitamin C&E (Everactive C&E) as well as niacinamide, and protection from environmental factors like pollution (Alumience AGE), keeps skin healthy and tone even. It is also important at this stage to protect the delicate thin skin around the eye with a good eye cream (AluminEye).

By the mid 20s, introducing skin actives like a gentle retinol (Retinol Resurfacing serum 0.25%) at night, will help keep up the production of skin components. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week, using a physical exfoliator (Lotus Scrub) or a mild acid one (like lactic acid: Enzymatic Peel) continues to be important to stimulate skin turnover.

Adulthood 30-50

At this age, pigmentation may be seen from sun exposure. Fine lines especially around the eyes, mouth, and forehead can start appearing and become more etched into the skin. Hydration of the skin starts reducing which disrupts the skin barrier. So the main addition from your twenties here is use of more chemical exfoliators (Bright and Clear), peptides, hydrating products (Ultimate Boost Serum) and stronger retinols (Retinol Resurfacing serum 0.5 %) at night. This may also be a time to consider regular skin treatments like peels and microneedling if you haven’t already.

Over 50, Post menopausal skin

Skin is now less firm and you may notice some sagging. It also becomes thinner and more dehydrated. To combat this loss of hydration heavier moisturisers (Hydradew) which will plump up your skin. Continued use of your actives and antioxidants like acids (AHA Renewal Serum) retinol and vitamin C are helpful in maintaining your skin integrity.

The skin is a wonderful organ with wonderful restorative capacity. So a daily skincare routine is your best bet to support these processes and maintain skin health, whatever your age. Remember – it’s never too late start either!


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