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From the shape of your cheekbones to the depth of your laughter lines. It’s important that you always look and feel like yourself. That’s why we do what we do.

At The Academy Clinic, we exist to help individuals. We listen, and we deliver medical-led treatments at affordable prices. Making sure you have the best access, advice, and solutions to create the treatment plan you want.

Putting ethics at the heart of what we do, we always put quality and care above all else. We ensure every
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Known as facial fillers, face fillers, dermal fillers, soft tissue fillers or simply “fillers.” Our dermal filler treatments use injected hyaluronic acid-based gels to add shape, definition and replace the volume we lose during the ageing process. Helping to contour and rejuvenate your face and making sure you look and feel a lot more like you.

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Anti-wrinkle treatments go by a number of different names including wrinkle relaxing, wrinkle reducing treatment and anti-wrinkle injections. Our anti-wrinkle treatments are subject to medical suitability, determined at your pre-treatment consultation.

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Dull, dehydrated skin, age spots, sun damage, acne. There are plenty of factors that can cause skin to look less than the glowing picture of health we would like it to be. Our range of advanced skin treatments are specially designed to target specific skin concerns like these. Giving your skin the TLC it needs to boast a naturally refreshed complexion that is as vibrant as you are.

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Experience the forefront of aesthetics with our advanced treatments, performed by our skilled and experienced practitioners. Our advanced treatments are designed to deliver exceptional results, including tear trough fillers for a youthful and refreshed appearance, masseter treatment to slim down the jawline, and platysmal band treatment to reduce the appearance of neck bands.

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