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During your treatment journey with us, it’s likely you’ll have questions along the way. Our experienced team of patient coordinators are here to guide you and ensure you have all the information you need.

Can I have more dermal filler on the day?

lf agreed during your consultation that it would be appropriate for you and your treatment goals, you can add additional mls of filler on the day. These additional mls can be in another treatment area altogether. However, as a training appointment, our practitioner must also feel confident that there is enough time to do so during your appointment. If there isn’t enough time, we can schedule another appointment for you before you leave.

If you’re sure you’d like additional mls prior to your treatment let us know beforehand – we can always try and extend the appointment time in advance for you!

Can I have a skin treatment on the same day as an injectable?

Unfortunately not, as there does need to be a window between skin treatments and injectables. If you are having anti-wrinkle injections you need to wait 2 weeks before having a skin treatment. If you are having dermal filler the wait is 4 weeks before skin treatments.

During your consultation you can discuss skin treatments with your practitioner to find out which one would be most beneficial for you! At The Academy Clinic we believe skin treatments and injectables come hand in hand for the best results, so we are always happy to talk through your options.

can I book in for an anti-wrinkle injection top-up?

We don’t offer anti-wrinkle top-ups as routine post treatment. If you feel you want further treatment this is chargeable at £30, but must be done between 2-4 weeks post treatment and is at the discretion of a medical practitioner who will confirm if this is safe and suitable for you.

Don’t forget that anti-wrinkle treatment takes two weeks to see the full result, so patience is the key with this treatment! We are always available Monday to Friday via email or telephone if you have any concerns about your treatment.


How often can I have anti-wrinkle treatment?

It really depends on each individual, but most of our patients get repeat anti-wrinkle injectable treatments every 3-6 months. The minimum length of time required between treatments is12 weeks, but the majority of our patients wait a little longer. The muscles treated need to recover before repeat treatment.

Each treatment requires a full consultation to ensure it is medically safe and suitable for you and enough time has passed.

Will someone be overseeing the trainee that is carrying out my treatment

Yes of course! With our SILVER appointments, your treatment will be carried out by one of our trainees who are all qualified doctors, dentists & nurses. Our Harley Academy expert aesthetics practitioners and trainers will be present at all times to ensure the treatment is carried out safely and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We have appointment types to suit everyone, so if a SILVER appointment isn’t your preference – do not worry! You can book in for a PRO appointment where one of our lead aesthetic trainers will perform your treatment themselves.

Can I have lip filler if I get cold sores?

Lip filler causes trauma to the tissue, which can reactivate a cold sore. So if you have a history of cold sores or had a recent eruption, you may be asked to take some antiviral medication after treatment to prevent another episode.

If you have an active cold sore, we cannot treat you – even if it is just the initial tingle sensation. You need to be without a cold sore for lip filler treatments for at least 2 weeks to ensure it has totally resolved. This applies to skin treatments too.

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