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Have you noticed more multi-ml treatments on social media recently? You’re not imagining it, and there’s a reason why full face fillers are trending. Let us explain…

What are full face fillers

“Full face fillers” refers to treatment plans which involve tackling multiple areas of the face with dermal fillers, rather than just one. At The Academy Clinic we call this a Multi Area Treatment.

For example, popular combinations include jawline contouring, chin filler and cheek filler, or cheek filler and nasolabial fold reduction. Anti-wrinkle treatments can be added in, where appropriate, too.

These treatments may all be carried out during one appointment.

Why are they trending

Multi Area Treatments are trending right now – and, we suspect, will continue to rise in popularity – because of advances in aesthetic medicine.

Cosmetic injectables are still considered a fairly new medical field. This means aesthetics practitioners are constantly learning more about the effects of the treatments they perform.

One thing has become increasingly clear from research and anecdotal evidence over the past few years: the benefit of treating multiple areas of the face at once, when using dermal fillers.

As such, injectors are keen to pass on this latest information and practice techniques to patients so they can provide the best possible facial results.


What are the benefits of multi area treatment vs single filler treatments

Opting to choose Multi Area Treatment or single filler treatments is an individual choice. What’s best for you will depend on a number of factors, including your aesthetic goals and budget.

If, for example, you wish to achieve fuller lips, a simple lip augmentation is all that would be required – this is not a case where full face fillers should be considered. However, if you’re looking to freshen things up, rapidly, with a natural-looking full face rejuvenation, this is when Multi Area Treatments enter the chat..

  • Treating multiple facial areas at once offers holistic results that refresh your look in one sitting; this saves time and, in some cases, money. It also minimises the risk that, by treating one area, you highlight concerns in another area.
  • When filler treatments are administered to a number of different areas of the face, they can be layered to help to rebuild your facial architecture. By starting in specific areas and progressing as appropriate, your injector can structure a beautiful, strong base which then supports following treatments.
  • This approach can make your filler treatment results last longer.

Will I look puffy or overfilled if I go for multi area treatments

There’s no need to worry about developing the dreaded “pillow face”! “Full face fillers” or Multi Area Treatments simply means we’re addressing your face as a whole, not single areas. It doesn’t mean we are packing your whole face with filler!

When you think of a teaspoon, this is 5mls. Consider that we lose 1-2ml of facial volume per decade of life after the age of 25-30. The aim is to replace volume already lost. This means natural, rejuvenative results focusing on balancing your whole look. It is a unique plan which is designed around your individual face.

At The Academy Clinic we specialise in subtle, natural looking results. We will never offer overfilled looks, unnatural volume or treatments that will make you look like anyone other than yourself. We provide safe filler treatments that retain your own look, helping you to maintain the elements you love and revolumising and/or lifting others for a refreshed appearance.

It’s also worth noting just how tiny 1ml of filler actually is. This Instagram post from The Tweakments Guide author, Alice Hart-Davis, shows exactly how undetectable multiple filler treatments can look. On the left is how she looks normally with her filler treatments adding up to a total of 7.2ml across her whole face. Whilst on the right is how people think having more than a couple of mls of filler will make them look, which she’s simulated using a filter.

How do I book multiple filler treatments at The Academy Clinic

There are several ways to approach your treatment with us. Our Multi Area Treatment is a great option if you’re looking for cheek fillers and/or nasolabial folds reduction, chin and/or jawline fillers and lips. Priced at £350 for up to 5ml of Juvéderm® Vycross, it’s the most accessibly priced way to book a full face filler treatment.

Alternatively, you can add on up to 3 mls of filler during your 1ml SILVER, GOLD or PRO Dermal Filler or Combined appointment; should there be enough treatment time. This can be discussed during your pre-treatment consultation with a medical professional.

If you’re not sure which treatment approach is right for you then a consultation only appointment with a GOLD practitioner might be the best approach. GOLD practitioners are all medical professionals and during this appointment you can discuss your goals, concerns and treatment options. They will listen to your concerns and goals then advise you accordingly so you can fully explore the best options available to you.

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