Planning Your Holiday Tweakments

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With summer approaching, there’s one question on a lot of our patients’ minds: “Can I fly after getting fillers?”

So let’s fill you in on those essential filler-flying facts!

Can I fly after getting facial fillers of lip filler?

You should not fly for a minimum of a week after having dermal fillers – either facial fillers or lip filler.  But yes – you can fly with fillers – so long as you leave an appropriate time post treatment.

Flying sooner than this is not considered “medically safe” as there is a risk of swelling from air pressure in the cabin. Whilst the evidence on this is largely anecdotal, we never recommend taking chances with your face.

When should I get fillers done before going on holiday?

Ideally, allow a clear two week period between getting your filler done and flying off on holiday.

This makes sense not just from a safety point of view; fillers can cause swelling and also need time to settle. The one-week-wait rule also allows time for any bruises – a common event associated with any injectable treatment – to heal as bruising can also be worsened by cabin pressure. The extra week after this period is a good safety buffer.

Although not commonplace, complications from filler injections can take a few days to present after your treatment. It’s best to ensure you are within easy reach of your practitioner during this time.

Experiencing swelling and/or migration, can be extremely stressful – not exactly a relaxing holiday vibe… So – safety first! – protect that beautiful face and don’t waste the money you spent getting fillers in the first place.

We all want to look our best in holiday snaps so do your healing before you go away and maximise the impact of your vacay glow up!

How much filler will you need to replace lost volume

The aim of filler-based facial rejuvenation treatments is to replace volume that you’ve already lost.

As a general rule, we lose 1-2ml of facial volume per decade of life after the age of 25-30. The amount of filler we use will reflect the amount of volume lost. However, to keep results natural and proportionate, we tend to very slightly under-fill.

When tackling age-related volume loss you’ll generally require multiple mls of dermal filler. However, this is administered in small amounts to multiple areas of the face rather than all in one area.

By addressing your whole face holistically in this way, it helps to keep the result even more subtle and natural-looking. As an added bonus, this technique also helps your filler results to last longer!

Your practitioner will discuss a unique treatment plan, designed around your individual face and personal goals. Sometimes this can be achieved in one appointment, but it can require a treatment plan in stages across multiple sessions.

How to plan your tweakments appointment before going on holiday

Always tell your injector about your holiday plans before they carry out your treatment so they can run you through the necessary protocols. This will include considering the risks from sun exposure too.

Our appointments at The Academy Clinic book up very quickly and availability is limited. It’s important to put your tweakment plans in place well in advance so that you can jet off safely and enjoy your well earned holiday.

You can book all dermal filler treatments online.

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