Treating Lip Lines

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As we get older, those pesky fine lines above the lips can become deeper and more obvious. They are certainly annoying when lipstick spreads into them. Fortunately, we have treatments available!

Let’s look at lip lines first in more detail.

What are Lip Lines? Why do they appear?

Lip lines usually start as fine vertical lines above the lips.

They gradually become more prominent due to the general ageing process and sun exposure.

Why are they called smokers’ lines…? I do not smoke!

Smokers are usually more prone to these type of lines due to:

  • repetitive muscle contraction around the lips
  • premature ageing caused by smoking

However, non smokers may also get these lines too due to muscular action. So perhaps we should pout a little less for those selfies!

Preventing lip lines is key, using good sun protection and not smoking. We do have solutions for you to soften those lines if they have already developed too.

What treatments are available at The Academy Clinic?

Dermal Fillers

With this treatment there is an immediate improvement. Thin hyaluronic acid gels promote hydration, as well as the production of natural new collagen making the area looking even better 2-4 weeks after the treatment. This is a temporary treatment usually lasting 4-6 months. Dermal Filler treatment is available in all of our Training clinics – in both One-to-one and Demo appointments.


This skin procedure introduces small, controlled injuries to the skin. By hijacking the healing process, it helps your own skin to produce healing factors that stimulate new skin tissue production, like collagen, to fill in the lines.

You will need 3-5 sessions for best results, but you see some pleasing results after your first session.

Chemical Peels are also a treatment option for finer lines – although this depends on your suitability for treatment, and will require repeated treatments.

So remember to use that sunscreen, and if you have lip lines, come and see us at The Academy Clinic to discuss the treatment best suited to you.

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