Lip Filler for Mature Patients

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Did you know that lip filler for mature patients is one of our most sought after treatments?

Lip filler is one of the most popular treatments at The Academy Clinic for both mature and younger clients. Historically this treatment has focused on increasing lip size, particularly in younger lips. Popular culture and poor standards in aesthetics have unfairly compromised the reputation of this diverse and effective filler treatment.

In actual fact, lip filler treatment has much more to offer than just increasing lip body size (although we can do that!). When approached by a medical injector with deep anatomical knowledge and aesthetic artistry, lip fillers can have fantastic rejuvenating and restorative results in mature lips.

No trout pouts or duck lips, just natural-looking results.

Ageing in lips

1/ Cupid’s bow

2/ Medial lip

3/ Vermillion border

4/ Oral commissures

5/ Perioral lines

Aesthetics expert, Paula O’Sullivan, explains typical ageing seen in mature lips…

“As we age, our vermillion border loses definition. The medial lip also loses volume, allowing the lip to shrink, roll under and lose shape. This results in a flattened cupid’s bow, minimal structure to the lip and the formation of perioral lines,”  explains Paula.

“Due to the lack of lip structure and other surrounding tissue involvement, oral commissures are no longer supported, so a downturned smile will commonly present.

In short, lips can lose volume and definition as we age. The exact ageing process will be unique to the individual. There is no ‘one look fits all’ approach for lip filler treatments.

Lip Filler technique

“Treating ageing lips takes time, care and precision,” Paula explains.

A medical injector will take time to carefully assess the structure of your face and the anatomical changes that have occurred due to the natural ageing process. This ensures an age-appropriate approach to treatment areas and amount of product used.

Lip filler can be approached as a single area treatment. However, in mature patients, it’s more common to include lip filler as part of a multi area rejuvenation. This may include filler treatment to several areas on the face, including the lips, to ensure a balanced and natural-looking result. An example of this is cheek and lip filler to rejuvenate and lift the mid-face.

Always ensure your injector is a medical practitioner who understands the delicate anatomy of the lips.

Type of Dermal Filler product

Choosing the right kind of filler product ensures a natural looking filler outcome. A softer dermal filler product, such as Juvéderm Volbella, is often preferred by our medical injectors when treating older lips. This softer, premium dermal filler is a fantastic product for treating delicate areas of the lip such as the vermillion border, with a needle.

Lost volume in the lip body can also be replaced using Juvéderm Volbella, using either a needle or cannula. For a more projected lip, a common request in younger patients, a product like Juvéderm Volift is an ideal option.

Making Lip Filler more comfortable

A topical anaesthetic cream, called lidocaine, is applied to your lips prior to treatment. This helps to partially numb the area. In addition to using a topical cream, our filler products also contain lidocaine. This further adds to your comfort as the treatment goes on.

The Academy Clinic practitioners use premium quality super-fine needles. This, plus changing the needle as required during your treatment further improves your comfort levels.

Booking Lip filler

It’s good news! Lip filler is our most accessible priced treatment! Our lip filler prices start  at £75 for 0.5ml or £95 for 1ml in a SILVER appointment. These appointments can be booked online. You can also add additional mls of treatment on the day to include other treatment areas if you wish (time dependant). Alternatively, our Multi Area Treatment is just £350 for 5ml of dermal filler, and can include cheeks and/or nasolabial folds, chin and/or jawline and lips.

If you’d like a consultation to discuss treatment options, you can book this online as a GOLD appointment. The choice is always yours.

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