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A common misconception I see when treating patients in clinic is that cheek fillers will make you look like a little hamster gorging on seeds, and unsurprisingly, this seems to put people off!  Cheeks are so much more than something to put blusher on, and in fact are integral to the balance and contour of the face.  Keep reading to learn a little more about what we can achieve with this treatment.

What lies beneath

Our ‘cheeks’ comprise most of the middle third of our face and play an important role in both beauty and signs of ageing. In youth, our face replicates an inverted triangle, with the ‘ideal’ being prominent cheekbones, plump and rosy cheek apples, and a continuous unbroken curve joining the two.

From the bottom up, we have several areas of our skull which help to build the foundations of this, topped with layers of fat, muscle and skin. The ‘fat’ of the face is arranged in layers of ‘pads’- think little islands of plumpness that go from being deep just above the bone to superficial and just under the skin. These are arranged above and below a sheet-like muscular system and are held in place by a number of ligaments, muscles and skin.

These structures of the mid-face are essentially the ‘scaffolding’ of the face- holding up our lower face like a beautiful tent pole!

Volume loss in the cheek

As important as cheeks are in demonstrating ‘traditional’ beauty ideals of light reflecting youth- the process of ageing in this area can lead to discernible changes and appearances of heaviness and shadowing in both the mid and lower face.

Loss of volume in our cheeks can create hollowing and folds such as nose-to-mouth (Nasolabial) and ‘Marionette’ (corners of the mouth to the chin) folds.  It can also contribute to the appearance of jowling and a ‘tired’ appearance under the eyes.

Much of this process occurs due to both ‘resorption’ of the underlying bones of the skull and shrinking of the deeper fatty islands.

What treatments can I have in my cheeks?

This is largely dependent on your personal goals, which you can discuss with your aesthetic practitioner to form a plan based on your underlying anatomy and individual aesthetic wishes.

Broadly speaking, cheeks can be augmented for beautification, rejuvenation, or a combination of the two.

Beautification is a process of adding subtle enhancements to contour and define features to enhance the appearance whilst avoiding an ‘overdone’ appearance.  Such treatments may include cheek-bone contouring or plumping of the apple of the cheek.

Rejuvenation involves assessing the stage of ageing and volume loss, and restoring these natural changes to achieve a more youthful appearance.  Such processes may require ‘lifting’ of the lower face and folds by adding more projection of the cheek-bones, or filling of the shrinking fat pads to support the middle-face and tired eye bags.

You can access Cheek Filler (dermal Filler) treatments at The Academy Clinic. From beautification to rejuvenation – the choice will always be down to you and your personal treatment goals. Your practitioner will always talk through your options in your consultation prior to treatment to ensure the right treatment approach for you and your unique facial structure. Our aim will always be natural looking results bespoke to you!

You can book online for all dermal filler treatments, or, if you have any questions email us at or call our patient coordinator on 0203 884 3246.

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