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Our talented team of aesthetics specialists at The Academy Clinic come from a variety of medical backgrounds. Their expertise within the aesthetic medicine industry makes their personal take on “favourite treatments” even more fascinating! Read on to discover which treatments make it to the top of their list…

Lorraine Guinan RGN | Chin Filler

“The chin can have such a huge impact on the overall facial shape and improve the lower face from all angles.”

“I feel that the chin is an area that is often overlooked and sometimes a little filler in the chin can make all the difference to balancing proportions! Sometimes more than one treatment is needed to reach the desired result over time. It is great to be part of the journey to help patients achieve their treatment goals. It is such a satisfying treatment to perform, especially when patients have concerns about this area but don’t realise that chin filler is even possible.”

Dr Jaymi Lad | Lip Filler

“My favourite treatment to perform at the moment is lip filler. There is a huge variation in lip shape and size, so it often requires careful assessment and planning before treatment. Lips are a very individual and unique feature – at The Academy Clinic, we like to keep them this way!”

Dr Janine Rothburn | Cheek Filler

Cheek filler is a fantastic treatment as it can be used for both rejuvenation and beautification purposes. When we start the ageing process, the mid-face starts to lose volume first, so this is an area that can be treated with filler to help restore volume loss.”

“Alternatively, if a patient wanted more defined cheekbones, filler could be used to do this as well. It’s a great treatment that can help enhance and lift the face.”

Dr Kalpna Pindolia | Microneedling

“I cannot think of a more natural way of hijacking your body’s natural processes to promote skin health and healing. Microneedling is a great option for those passionate about natural rejuvenation.”

“I love this treatment for myself! In committed patients, aware of the fact that it is a treatment that needs repeat sessions, over the longer term, it is a great option for the eye area, acne scars, fine lines and lipstick lines. Skin is in… more skin confidence when you get out of bed in the morning, makeup-free, is an awesome outcome to help patients achieve.”

Natalie Haswell RGN | Chin Filler

Chin augmentation is one of my favourite treatments. It is very underrated and, if performed well, can completely re-balance an ageing face, enabling a more youthful appearance. As we age, bone reabsorbs and the chin recedes backwards. This reduces the support to the muscles, fat and skin, which then enables jowls to form. It can make patients feel heavy in the lower face and aged, alongside other ageing factors both in- and extrinsically. By augmenting the chin with soft tissue filler we can enable a more defined chin and jaw. Reduce hyperactive mentalis (chin) muscle and dimpling.”

“Filler in the chin is usually a thick filler, placed deeply and longevity is often 12-18 months, which is a pleasant surprise to many patients.”

Shantel Nobel RGN | Preauricular Filler

“One of my favourite areas to treat is preauricular. Preauricular filler is placed in a different part of the cheek underneath the cheekbone, in the area in front of the ear that can become hollowed and gaunt looking with age. It is often undetectable but equally the correct amount can create a beautiful indirect lift to the lower face, particularly noticeable when treating marionette lines.”

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