Treating Age-Related Volume Loss

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It’s no big secret that as we age our features change; sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on just what has changed…. but we know something has. This is where our medical injectors can shed some light and help by treating age-related volume loss.

Volume loss due to ageing is the most common cause of changes to your facial structure.

Artistically and expertly placed rejuvenating dermal filler treatment replaces this volume and helps restore the previous balance of your unique facial structure. When approached by medical injectors, armed with a deep knowledge of facial anatomy, facial rejuvenation treatments can have fantastic restorative results. Our injectors also ensure they remain subtle. You will not look overfilled or ‘done’, fillers will just return you closer to the facial structure you enjoyed prior to this ageing process.

What causes volume loss in your face?

As we age, the balance of fat across areas of our body changes, and your face is no exception. Over time your face will lose subcutaneous fat – the fat which lies underneath your skin.

The loss of this fat, which often declines unevenly, can cause structural changes to the face known as age-related volume loss. Combined with reducing levels of collagen in our skin and the gradual loss of supportive facial bone density, this process can lead to signs of ageing.

Signs of age-related volume loss

Although expected – hey, ageing, it happens to us all – it can cause these unwanted structural changes in the face, sometimes highlighting areas of personal concern.

Areas that once enjoyed a youthful plumpness, such as our cheeks, become less cushioned and round. Supported skin can sometimes become lax, such as the jaw and jowls. This can sometimes give the appearance of hollow or gaunt features.

We can also gain fat in other areas of the face – such as nose to mouth lines or jowls, which changes the balance of our facial features.

The most common signs of ageing caused or made worse by volume loss include:

  • Sagging or skin laxity
  • Hollowing, particularly of the cheeks, temples and under-eye areas
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Formation of jowls
  • Appearance or deepening of facial folds or lines, such as the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

How much filler will you need to replace lost volume

The aim of filler-based facial rejuvenation treatments is to replace volume that you’ve already lost.

As a general rule, we lose 1-2ml of facial volume per decade of life after the age of 25-30. The amount of filler we use will reflect the amount of volume lost. However, to keep results natural and proportionate, we tend to very slightly under-fill.

When tackling age-related volume loss you’ll generally require multiple mls of dermal filler. However, this is administered in small amounts to multiple areas of the face rather than all in one area.

By addressing your whole face holistically in this way, it helps to keep the result even more subtle and natural-looking. As an added bonus, this technique also helps your filler results to last longer!

Your practitioner will discuss a unique treatment plan, designed around your individual face and personal goals. Sometimes this can be achieved in one appointment, but it can require a treatment plan in stages across multiple sessions.

How does facial rejuvenation differ from ‘beautification’ treatments

Beautification treatments are what most people think of when first discovering the world of cosmetic injectables. These treatments primarily contour or add volume to achieve a specific look. We approach beautification treatments with the same ethos as rejuvenation treatments; subtlety and artistry, but they aren’t strictly treating age-related volume loss.

Lip filler is a great example of a beautification treatment.

Rejuvenation treatments, however, replace lost volume to restore youthfulness to your unique features. As you mature,a combined area approach tends to be the most effective way to reach your treatment goals.

This can require dermal filler treatment to more than one area, for example, chin and jaw filler to treat sagging jowls. By approaching your face holistically, your results remain subtle and natural-looking – something we know is an important factor to our patients.

We want you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and confident – leaving people wondering why you look so well – not what you’ve had done!

Is this treatment only for mature patients

Not at all. We start to lose volume in the face from as early as 25 – 30 – so much earlier than you’d expect! Mature aesthetics patients will require more product to restore this lost volume, but may see more significant results. Younger patients can still benefit from this approach and may use it to maintain their look before the signs of ageing become too apparent.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to holistic rejuvenation dermal filler treatments, your treatment should be as unique as you!

How do you book a treatment

There are several ways to approach your treatment with us. Multi Area Treatment (5mls) is a great option if you’re looking for treatment to the cheeks and/or nasolabial folds + chin and/or jawline + lips.

Alternatively, you can add on up to 3 mls of filler during your 1ml SILVER, GOLD or PRO Dermal Filler or Combined appointment, should there be enough treatment time. This can be discussed during your pre-treatment consultation with your medical injector.

Every treatment starts with a consultation so you can discuss any concerns and agree on a treatment plan with your medical injector.

If you’re not sure which approach is right for you, then a consultation only appointment with a GOLD practitioner could be the right approach. They will listen to your concerns and goals and advise you accordingly so you can fully explore the best options available to you.

So, if you’re starting to notice signs of ageing and want to start taking a preventative approach, or you feel you’re looking gaunt and everything is headed south, we have an option for you. Get in touch with The Academy Clinic and our medical aesthetics practitioners will create a customised age-related volume loss treatment plan just for you!

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