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Cheek filler is one of the most popular injectables we offer, whether it’s used to plump up your apples, contour your cheekbones or provide an overall lift to your face. It’s particularly useful as an anti-ageing treatment and for restoring volume after weight loss.

Find out how we approach cheek filler here at The Academy Clinic with insights from one of our lead practitioners, Dr Jo Hackney.

Dr Jo Hackney is an aesthetics specialist at The Academy Clinic and faculty lead at our partners, Harley Academy. She closely supervises SILVER appointments as a leading trainer and performs treatments in our PRO appointments.

Here she explains why cheek filler is one of her favourite treatments to perform and how our approach can maximise natural-looking results and minimise discomfort.

Cheek filler can rejuvenate your appearance

Cheek filler can rejuvenate a person’s appearance through beautification, restoring lost volume and balancing their profile.

I enjoy the challenges these different issues present and how the treatment is tailored to each individual’s unique needs. It provides an opportunity for us, as injectors, to introduce a little artistic flair as well as medical expertise.

Your cheek filler appointment always begins with a thorough clinical consultation. This allows you to highlight your concerns and explain why you would like to have cheek filler treatment. From this, we can create a realistic and effective treatment plan that meets your needs – including your budget.

Premium filler and a comfortable patient experience

To get the best results from cheek filler we always inject slowly and start with small amounts of carefully chosen fillers. At The Academy Clinic we use Juvedérm Vycross Voluma – a premium dermal filler with the perfect consistency for volumising and contouring natural-looking cheeks.

Injecting slowly and using sharp needles and/or cannulas which are changed regularly, all contribute towards providing the most comfortable patient experience.

Build up to the perfect cheek filler results

We generally start this treatment by placing small amounts of filler into the areas of the cheeks that require revolumising. From there, we can add further product as necessary, to build this volume up slowly. This methodical approach ensures a smooth, natural-looking result that avoids any unwanted, over-filled outcomes. No fear required about hamster cheeks with this bespoke rejuvenating method.

Whilst 1ml of dermal filler may be enough for very small tweaks in volume, more often than not, we find patients require an additional ml to achieve their treatment goals.

Our practitioners always provide honest advice about what can realistically be achieved and how much filler is required to get you your desired outcome. This is discussed during your consultation, whilst assessing your unique facial structure and discussing your cheek filler goals. You can then decide on your preferred course of action.

Our practitioners make the process of adding ml’s very simple and it can be done during your booked appointment. Whilst they will guide you, the choice is always yours.

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