Dermal Filler Treatment for Men

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In recent years we’ve seen an increase in bookings for dermal filler treatments for men and male-identifying patients. Looks like that trend is here to stay!

The misplaced assumption that dermal filler treatments are exclusively for women has changed – and rightly so! Dermal filler treatments are an incredibly effective way to subtly contour, define and balance your facial proportions. These treatments can certainly require a slightly different treatment approach for men and male-identifying patients. However,  the treatment goals are universal – to be more you.

Whilst it’s common for male-identifying patients to request facial masculinisation, some prefer to soften their features. This is why the consultation is so important. It gives us time to listen to your concerns so we can approach your treatment in a way that is bespoke to your goals.

Cosmetic nurse prescriber and aesthetics practitioner, Shantel Noble, shares her wisdom on treating male and male-identifying filler patients.

How does treatment approach differ?

  • There are differences in facial bony structure in men. This can impact the placement and volume of dermal filler used
  • The differences between ‘ideal’ proportions and ratios of the face – and if this fits with your treatment goals
  • Traditional ‘beauty ideology’, feminisation vs masculinisation, and how that fits – or doesn’t fit – with your unique concerns and bespoke treatment plan.

Lip Filler for men

Men’s faces tend to be more angular and defined. Specific injection points are often chosen to broaden and square, as opposed to narrow. For example, when treating male lip filler patients the volume of the lips is usually kept within the width of the chin. This differs from females where we generally keep it within the width of the nose. Volume in the male lip is more evenly distributed compared to females, where the volume is concentrated more with the intercanthal distance (the distance between the inner corners of the eyes).

If a male patient wants a more traditionally feminine lip – we simply adjust the placement accordingly.

Cheek filler for males versus females

This is where bone structure really impacts filler treatment. Zygomatic bones, otherwise known as cheekbones, are typically more horizontal on males. This means cheek filler injection points will follow the cheekbone ridge you can feel or sometimes see (palpated bone). Using this filler placement technique adds a more chiselled look to the cheekbones.

Many of our patients opt to maintain or enhance their look based on classical beauty standards. A lot of this revolves around facial proportions. When we are looking at cheek filler, it specifically means two separate approaches.

The first is based on what’s generally accepted as a ‘traditionally male’ appearance. So, the width of the jaw may be augmented to the same width or even slightly wider than the width of the face at the cheekbones.

The second approach centres on what’s known as the “triangle of youth”. It involves creating a more heart shaped face where the lower face proportions are kept more narrow. This is seen as more classically feminine and youthful.

Chin filler for males versus females

Square chins are typical of masculine features, compared to the traditional round chin of feminine. It’s not always the case, but is something your medical injector will consider when assessing your unique facial structure and discussing treatment goals.

Chin width can be aligned to the distance between the inside edge of the pupils, which will also correlate to the width of the lips. This is a bit wider in males compared to females overall. Balancing this chin width appropriately can add to a more angular look, if that’s what you want.

Jaw filler

Jawline dermal filler treatments for men can be used to sculpt and contour.  This can strengthen and define the jawline. It often works well alongside chin filler to add an overall balance to the lower face. This is how we create what’s described as a ‘chiselled’ look.

Filler along the jawline and at the angles of the jaw can give the appearance of a wider and more masculine facial shape- squaring off the profile.

Come and see us!

If you’re thinking about a treatment but want to talk it through with a medical practitioner first, you can book consultation-only GOLD appointment. Here you can discuss your personal treatment goals and any concerns or questions you might have. There is never a ‘one treatment suits all approach’ at The Academy Clinic. Whilst the anatomical knowledge and medical expertise of our practitioners will always be at the forefront of your treatment, the driving force is you, your goals and your uniqueness.

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