What is Microneedling?

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Microneedling is a very popular collagen induction therapy treatment. It Involves using the incredible natural processes within the body and its reaction to controlled micro-injuries to the skin. Here we’ll talk you through exactly what microneedling treatment is, the science behind it and how your skin will benefit.

Your skin

Collagen and elastin are the magical ingredients found in your skin that help to keep it healthy and supple.

Collagen is a protein found deep in your skin’s dermis that keeps it strong. The dermis is found under the epidermis, the top layer of your skin. Elastin is also a protein. It gives your skin the stretch and elasticity often associated with young, supple skin.

Unfortunately, as we age, we produce less of these two powerful components. This process is very gradual but can start when we are 25. In time, this can cause skin to appear lax and dull. You may also notice the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling uses a device which houses many incredibly fine sterilised needles. These allow your practitioner to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin, without actually damaging it. And no – you won’t see a dot-to-dot of holes on the surface of your skin!

At The Academy Clinic, a microneedling pen will be used for treatment. This device uses a  fast mechanical action to enable a number of tiny, fine needles to make tens of thousands of micro-punctures in your skin per minute. These minute punctures are known as “channels”.

We treat the face and neck areas, depending on your skin and personal goals.

Our microneedling pen also enables your practitioner to vary the depth, depending on the area of the face or neck being treated. For instance, they go deeper over scar tissue, but keep treatment more superficial on thinner skin, such as around the eyes or mouth. Our approach ensures a bespoke microneedling treatment tailored to your skin and facial needs.

Microneedling may sound scary at first but It’s actually a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure with incredible results.

It works by stimulating the skin’s natural healing response which involves creating new collagen and elastin – those magical ingredients.

How does skin react to microneedling?

In response to these channels or micro-punctures, your skin is triggered into action. This instantly kick-starts the body’s natural healing process. By inducing inflammation in this way, it encourages regeneration of the dermis. This improves the quality of your skin, helping it to look more youthful. It does this in two major ways:

  • Producing new collagen and elastin fibres within the dermis.
  • Increasing the blood flow and cell turnover of the skin.

After a microneedling treatment, your face will feel warm and look red. This warmth will soon pass; the redness may take up to three days to clear.

Does microneedling hurt? What does it feel like?

Given everyone has a different pain threshold, this varies from person to person. However, the general consensus among our patients is that microneedling doesn’t hurt. Instead, it feels like a slightly strange “buzzing” sensation as the treatment is carried out. This is followed by the temporary warmth mentioned above.

What results will you see

Your body’s response to microneedling skin treatment has an incredibly rejuvenating effect on the skin.

  • Improving overall skin texture.
  • Tightening the skin.
  • A more even skin tone.
  • Minimising pore size.
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimising the appearance of scars, including acne scars.

This fantastic treatment gives the skin a radiant glow leaving it appearing firmer and more youthful. Microneedling is a wonderful option for those patients looking to reduce scarring – including acne scarring, those concerned about the signs of ageing or skin quality and patients looking for a more even skin tone.

Treatment plan approach

As with chemical peels, the best results from microneedling are seen after repeat treatments.

That’s not to say you won’t see a positive change after your first treatment, it’s simply a better “skin-vest-ment” to plan for repeat treatments. As a general rule our skin expert, Maja Swierczynska, recommends the following:

  • Aged 30 – 40 4 sessions – 1 every 4 weeks – once a year.
  • Aged 40 + 6 sessions – 1 every 4 weeks – once a year.

Whilst some results will be noticeable a week after treatment, others will be at their peak 12 to 32 weeks later. This is because your skin takes up to 32 weeks to remodel collagen and elastin fibres.

Booking microneedling

To book, please contact our patient coordinators directly on info@theacademyclinic.co.uk or 020 3884 3246. This is to ensure you are medically suitable for treatment. Microneedling is priced at £80 at The Academy Clinic – the ultimate skin-vest-ment!

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