Am I Too Old for Injectable Treatments

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Our patient coordinators and medical practitioners get asked “Am I too old for injectable treatments?” on a weekly basis! The short answer is – no – you can receive injectables at any age (provided you are over 21!) There is also no upper age limit to being a cosmetic model at The Academy Clinic.

There are, however, certain considerations when approaching injectable treatments at a mature age. The type of suitable treatments may differ as you age, as should your expectation of results. Much of this will be discussed in your consultation, so you have a clear idea of the options best suited to your goals. These are always based on your concerns and unique facial structure.

A holistic approach to injectable treatments for older clients

The older you are, the more likely a combined approach will be required. This considers the face as a whole, rather than treating individual areas. It allows your practitioner to manage all layers of ageing and produce natural-looking results.

This combined approach can require dermal filler treatment to more than one area, such as cheeks, chin and jaw filler to treat sagging jowls. By doing so you should appear refreshed and rejuvenated, yet with results that remain subtle and natural-looking. We understand this is particularly important to our older clients.

It’s a common misconception that dermal filler treatments to more than one area of the face in mature clients will look “unnatural” or “done”. In actual fact,  when administered by medical professionals, it’s quite the opposite. This holistic approach gives far more natural-looking treatments. Our goal is for you to look refreshed and rejuvenated, not obviously “done”.

Generally, in your late 50s and 60s a holistic approach to skincare – including injectables and skin treatments – becomes more important. This is to address age-related changes in all layers of the skin.

Information about injectables for the more mature

Your face is unique to you, so all treatments are bespoke and agreed upon during your consultation. There is no “one-size fits all” solution to facial ageing, especially if you are looking for elegant, natural results that allow you to retain your unique character.

The following information is for our more mature clients and provides a guide on what to expect. However, do bear in mind that this is general information and will change from person to person.

Anti-wrinkle treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatments may have less impact on those aged 65 or over if skin quality has markedly deteriorated. For instance, older people may find this becomes less effective at managing increasingly static lines. Remember that anti-wrinkle injections can only treat dynamic lines and wrinkles; these are the lines you see when you make facial expressions, such as frown or forehead lines. Static lines, the lines that you can see when your face is at rest, will not see a dramatic benefit from his treatment.

Dermal filler treatments

Those who enjoy subtle tweakments may notice more dermal filler is necessary to achieve desired treatment goals with advancing age.

Consider that we lose 1-2ml of facial volume per decade of life after the age of 25-30. This means that most patients can benefit aesthetically from this lost volume being replaced. As we get older, supportive facial bones shrink and we lose our youthful fat cushions, like those chubby cheeks! We even accumulate fat in pesky areas, like the nose to mouth folds and jowls. With this in mind, filler treatment restores the volume that we lose to the ageing process. So you will not look overfilled, fillers will just return you closer to the lovely baseline of your younger years.

Lip filler treatments

Lip filler tends to be less popular among more mature clients. Despite thin lips being a key sign of ageing – and one many people are unhappy about – the fear of looking fake prevails. Injectable treatment for thinning lips may indeed look out of place in some cases if done in isolation. For example, if the rest of the facial structure or skin needs support, or if the lips are overfilled so they look unnatural as opposed to gently revolumised. Our medically trained practitioners know how to avoid this.

Lip filler can also be used to add definition to the vermillion border and diminish lip lines, which helps to rejuvenate mature lips in a subtle way.

Approaching Treatment Plans In Older Patients

Basic principles of injectable treatments will always apply regardless of your age; you should have your deep treatments first, such as cheekbone restoration or injectables for the chin/jowl area and the corners of the jaw. Then superficial treatments follow, such as nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) or marionette lines.

Skin quality should be addressed throughout. This can be done using skincare and skin treatments such as chemical peels and skin boosters. Our skilled practitioners can help guide you to the right skin treatment plan for your skin type and structure.

From age 60 onwards, people may have more medical conditions to consider; they can also bruise more easily and heal more slowly. This means the timing of treatments, especially before a big event, are vital to allow sufficient healing time, just in case.

Personalised advice on injectables for your facial ageing concerns

You can book injectable treatments online, all of these appointments include a pre-treatment consultation. You can also add mls of dermal filler during your treatment to address multiple areas of the face. We also offer a combined dermal filler & anti-wrinkle treatment. For those looking for a multi area dermal filler treatment, we offer a comprehensive 5ml dermal filler option. This is the most cost-effective way to approach a multi area rejuvenation treatment.

Alternatively, you can book a consultation-only appointment with a GOLD practitioner. The choice is always yours.

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