Will More Than 1ml of Dermal Filler Look Overfilled

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Often our patients ask “Will more than 1ml of dermal filler look overfilled?” They’re concerned about looking “obvious” or “done”. In reality, when premium filler is used correctly and expertly placed, your treatment results will look subtle and natural, even beyond that first ml.

Treating more than one area of the face can give an overall refresh and rejuvenation. This revitalising look is often what many of our patients are looking for! It’s a common misconception that having more than 1ml of dermal filler will result in an unnatural change to your appearance.

Will too much filler look unnatural?

It’s not about overfilling! We want to keep you looking like you – but the best version of  yourself. Medically-trained aesthetic professionals have the same aim as you: Friends and family saying ”you look great”, but they can’t tell why! Our treatments are performed in a way that embraces your facial structure and works in harmony with your existing proportions, regardless of how many ml’s are used.

When you think of a teaspoon, this holds 5mls. One-fifth of this is 1ml. So 1 ml is truly not a huge amount – and nor is 2mls. So a cheek treatment of 1ml per side won’t give you hamster cheeks!

Getting the most natural, restorative results which enhance your existing features is about proper facial assessment, treatment planning and skillful filler placement. It’s not simply a question of allocating mls.

When might I need more than 1ml of filler?

We lose 1-2ml of facial volume each decade we’re alive past age 25-30. This sobering fact means that replacing lost volume is something most patients can benefit from.

Facial volume, especially in areas such as the cheeks and temples, is associated with youthfulness. So, when we replace volume loss in these areas, even the slightest plumping can provide a rejuvenated appearance that no-one can quite place…

Treating with 1ml at a time is certainly appropriate for some areas, such as volumising lips or having smaller tweakments into other areas of the face. Sometimes, however, more than 1ml may be required – in the cheeks, for example –  as 1ml may not make a discernible difference.

Most patients will find aesthetic benefits from using more than 1ml of filler; this is something The Academy Clinic practitioners discuss during consultation, based on their assessments and recommendations.

Sometimes treating a combination of areas at once can address signs of ageing in the face as a whole. Where sagging, hollowing or other signs of volume loss are an issue, taking this overarching approach can result in a natural looking “lift” which refreshes and rejuvenates your appearance.

As we get older, supportive facial bones shrink and we lose our youthful fat cushions, like those chubby cheeks! We even accumulate fat in pesky areas, like jowls and the folds that run from nose to mouth. Filler treatment restores this volume we lose to the ageing process whilst also providing a delicate lift to these areas where gravity is taking hold. Where a little extra support is needed, treatments can be combined to great effect.

What type of treatments can you combine?

Treatment combinations for dermal filler areas can create subtle enhancement of facial features whilst addressing age-related changes. The potential combinations are endless as everyone is unique. Here are some examples:

“My nose to mouth lines are getting more prominent”

Here we can treat the cheeks to help support the heaviness, then treat the nasolabial fold area directly.

“I want lip filler”

The proportions of your face are balanced in a way to achieve an overall facial harmony. For instance, a chin that is balanced in profile view means you can pull off a larger lip. This is why a chin treatment can work in harmony with lip filler.

“I look sad but I’m not!’

The corners of our lips turn downwards as we age. Treating the cheeks, mouth lines, lips and surrounding areas can restore those corners to make you feel more smiley again!

Can I split 1ml across 2 different treatment areas?

Different types of fillers are needed for different areas of the face. For instance, thicker fillers help sculpt the cheeks, but cannot be used in the lips. They would look too firm and lumpy. You need the best product for each area to achieve optimal results – that’s why we can’t always split that 1ml across all your treatment areas.

More than 1ml may be the best approach!

Let’s not change your face – let’s rejuvenate it.

Our medical aesthetic practitioners at The Academy Clinic are here to guide you. They’ll recommend treatments and amounts using their skills and expertise to ensure you get the best from your mls!

With you in full control, together you’ll decide on bespoke treatment plans that best suit you. And remember, we will always be honest and say, “that’s enough for now” if you’ve had enough treatment. You can count on our honest, ethical opinion.

How do I add a ml to my treatment?

Good news – it’s simple! This can be discussed during the consultation before your filler treatment. Additional ml’s of filler can now be added from £75 in SILVER filler appointments. Our skilled practitioners will be guided by your unique facial structure and personal treatment goals but the final decision will always rest with you.

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