Jaw Slimming Treatment

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We are pleased to announce the addition of jawline slimming treatment – an injectable which targets the masseter muscle – to The Academy Clinic’s offering.

It seems we’ve added it not a moment too soon, either..!

Jawline slimming masseter treatment

Jawline slimming (or masseter reduction for cosmetic purposes) involves injecting botulinum toxin type A into the masseter muscles, using needles so thin they are known as “Invisible needles”.

By relaxing the masseter muscles they start reducing in size, just like if you stop going to the gym, your muscles reduce in size. As the muscle bulk and tension decreases, so does the bulkiness or “squareness”, streamlining and slimming the jawline. Effectively, your jaw muscles are going from a balled fist to a smaller lengthened hand, so the contour of your jawline will change shape accordingly – though not quite that dramatically! This is often used to reduce a squarer, more “masculine” face type and add a more delicate balance, generally considered to be more traditionally feminine.

Whilst this treatment targets the muscles in your jaw, it doesn’t affect your facial mobility in any way. It should, however, relieve any tension you may have been holding in this area and may also prevent you from grinding your teeth.

Jawline slimming, teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Following the pandemic lockdowns, dentists started reporting increased cases of bruxism – where more patients were coming to see them because they were grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws.

Anecdotal reports and a number of studies claim this stress-response is now widespread as a result of the challenges COVID-19 has presented.

Many of us don’t even notice we’re doing it – not least because it’s often something we do in our sleep!

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can not only be painful and wear down your teeth, it can also be prematurely ageing. This is because, as we age, the lower third of our face – from the bottom of the nose to the chin – decreases in height.

Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can also cause your jawline to become more square. The masseter muscles get such a workout from holding this tension that they “bulk up” as a result.

This jaw-squaring happens gradually, especially in cases where these habits are the result of on-going stress. So the jawline slimming treatments we offer for cosmetic reasons – to contour the jaw – may also have added benefits.

Learning to manage your stress is often the first step in dealing with these issues. We advise speaking to your dentist and/or GP if you are concerned, though a jawline slimming treatment for bulky jaws may provide relief of a physical and cosmetic nature – even though it is only intended as an aesthetic solution.

Jawline Slimming at The Academy Clinic

Jawline slimming (masseter treatment) is available in our GOLD appointments only. You can enquire further about this treatment by contacting our Patient Coordinator.

*Please note that this treatment will be subject to suitability following your consultation with a medical professional during your appointment. Our medical aesthetics specialists will only ever give you their educated and ethical opinion – including if a treatment is not right for you or there’s a better option worth considering.

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