What are Mid-Face Dermal Fillers?

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The mid-face area is the foundation for many facial rejuvenation treatments. Often our patients ask for ‘cheek filler’ when actually mid-face filler – or a combination of filler treatments – is better suited to their goals.

Aesthetics expert, Nat Haswell, RGN, explains this further; “Differentiating what type of treatment the cheek filler is, is important. Is it a beautification, restoration or rejuvenation treatment? Or is it a desired outcome that we want to achieve that involves more than one of these options? Is there evidence of bony resorption and general ageing to address?”

In short, cheek filler or mid-face filler can be performed in a variety of ways. The precise area and depth of the filler placement will depend on your unique features, face shape and goals. Ensuring you choose a practitioner who is medically trained and understands the detailed anatomy of the face is of paramount importance! It goes without saying, (but we’ll say it anyway), that you will always be treated by a medical professional at The Academy Clinic.

Your Consultation Is Key

Your unique facial structure, concerns and treatment goals will be discussed in detail. This is often where we discover a mismatch in the treatments our patients request and their desired outcome or goals. For example, patients may request “cheek filler” when their goal translates to the desire to look younger by restoring volume. Your medical injector will listen to your concerns and assess your face to ensure your goals align with the treatment. They will consider:

Your treatment goals or concerns
Your face shape and how that will impact any treatments
Your age and level of volume loss in the mid face
How mid-face filler will impact the balance of your other features
If other areas of your face would benefit from treatment to balance your results

Assessing your face

Your medical injector will use their anatomical knowledge to assess the balance of your features. The bizygomatic width across your mid-face and bigonial width across your lower face, (as detailed in the image above) will be considered during your consultation. This ensures the treatment provides results that are proportionate and work harmonious with the rest of your features.⁠

A bizygomatic distance wider than the bigonial difference accentuates a heart-shaped face, associated with femininity. A more equal distance is typical of a masculine face shape.⁠ The loss of volume to the mid face as you age can change this balance over time, so replacing this lost volume can restore proportions from earlier years.

Combination Filler Treatments

Mid-face filler combinations can also include treating other areas.

Deeper treatment to the piriform fossa (the area of your cheek next to your nose) can help lift the head of the nasolabial fold (the lines running from the corners of your nose to the mouth). A second treatment, at a more superficial depth directly to the nasolabial folds, then reduces them further.

Expertly and artistically placed mid-face fillers can also remove the need to treat additional areas. For instance, if the under eye receives sufficient volume and lift from treating the lateral and medial cheek, tear trough treatment isn’t always required.

Our focus will always be on natural, balanced and proportionate results – keeping you looking like you.

Mid-face fillers are a fantastic first treatment when considering a series of rejuvenating or restorative dermal filler treatments over time. Once this mid-face area has been addressed, many of our patients go on to treat the jawline/jowls, marionette lines and chin, depending on areas of concern. A particular benefit of this approach and treating the mid-face first, is that it can make other filler results last longer!

Booking Mid-Face Filler Treatments

Mid-face fillers often require more than 1ml of product to see the desired results. Luckily, we’ve made additional mls of filler during your appointment extremely cost effective, starting at £75 per extra ml in SILVER appointments.

We would recommend informing our patient coordinators if you think it’s likely you’ll be adding additional mls on the day. This is so they can ensure your appointment is slightly longer than normal.

If you are looking for a treatment plan of multiple areas, our Multi Area Treatment (5mls of filler) is a very popular option – and the most cost effective at £350. Or, if you’d like to book a consultation only, you can do so by booking a GOLD consultation appointment online.

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