Diane’s Treatment Journey

Several images of Diane at various stages of treatment

Diane was looking for a rejuvenation treatment in the lead-up to her son’s wedding. She knew she wanted to feel fresher and more confident but didn’t quite know what treatments would achieve her goals. Her biggest concern was remaining natural-looking with subtle results. She also wanted a treatment plan in stages to suit her budget.

Read on to discover Diane’s story and the bespoke treatment plan created for her by Dr Jaymi Lad.

What led to you considering injectable treatments?

“Over the last few years, I have noticed a loss of volume in my mid-face area after l lost a few pounds in weight and realised that I was going through the menopause. This started to affect my confidence and I was reluctant to have my photo taken. After my son announced his engagement I knew that I needed to seek professional advice.”

“I started to do the classic thing and ‘Google’ face fillers. In all honesty, it looked quite scary seeing the results of overfilled and obvious facial fillers, which was the exact opposite of what I wanted.”

How did you decide The Academy Clinic was right for you?

“My search continued for a few more weeks and then I came across The Academy Clinic. I continued to follow The Academy Clinic for a couple of months, I particularly watched their treatment videos with interest. I read their social media posts and really liked their approach and professionalism.”

What was your treatment experience like?

“I arrived at the clinic where Dr Jaymi and her student were most welcoming. In the consultation, they asked lots of questions about what my goals were and my health to ensure I was fit for treatment. To be honest I wasn’t 100% sure which treatments would be best, so I asked for their opinion, and they confirmed my own feelings. We agreed on a plan of building dermal filler slowly over a few visits during 9-12 months. This subtle approach was suited to me as I didn’t want to look drastically different overnight.”

“Each time I visited the clinic the staff were very professional and understanding. Treatment was always discussed and agreed beforehand at each visit. One thing I was quite concerned about was any bruising, however apart from one time, I hardly experienced any. The clinic was spotlessly clean and hygiene was 100%.”

“I thought I would feel nervous about a trainee student doing the treatment but I need not have worried; Dr Jaymi oversaw absolutely everything.”

“I’m over the moon with the results and I have my confidence back (and a bit more!) At the wedding, many people commented that I didn’t look old enough to have a 24yr old son!”

“I thank Dr Jaymi and students for understanding and helping to address my concerns and making me feel fabulous again.”

Dr Jaymi explains the treatment plan

Aesthetics expert, Dr Jaymi discusses her bespoke injectables treatment plan for Diane.

What were your initial observations at Diane’s consultation?

“She had generalised volume loss in the face secondary to her history of weight loss due to her medical history. We could also see some of the changes that occur in our face as we increase in age. This includes loss of bone structure and changes around the jowl area. Diane wanted to address the changes around her mouth and just generally look fresher and more rested.”

What was the agreed treatment plan approach?

“We initially discussed a treatment plan to restore volume to the mid-face, reduce the appearance of the jowls and support the mouth corners/marionette lines. Due to the amount of weight loss, we did anticipate needing to use multiple mls of filler to restore both bone structure and facial fat pad volume loss. Completing the treatment in multiple stages was mostly due to budgetary factors, but I imagine helped with comfort too. She also wanted the results to look natural, so building up over multiple sessions allowed this.”

Treatment one: June 2021 – dermal filler to the marionette lines and anti-wrinkle injections:

Supported the mouth corners first, as this was Diane’s key concern.
To fully address the marionette and jowl area, Diane was aware we needed to revolumise the mid-face but we agreed to do this at future appointments.
Anti-wrinkle injections were used to soften expression lines in the upper face.

Treatment two: December 2021 – dermal filler to mid-face and anti-wrinkle injections:

Primarily restoring mid-face fat pads (cheek filler), replacing the volume lost over time.

Treatment three: March 22 – dermal filler to mid-face, jowls and lips:

Continued to treat mid-face fat pads (cheek area); it was appropriate to continue to slowly build up the volume here.
As we had started to achieve goals of revolumisation in the mid-face, we could then start to work on the lower face. We always do this after treating the mid-face, as cheek treatments will help improve the jawline and jowl area.
Directly treated the jawline to help reduce the appearance of jowls and add definition.
Diane also wanted natural but fuller lips, as she had noticed these thinning with age.

Treatment four: June 2022 – dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections:

Worked more on one side to address her asymmetrical volume loss in the right cheek area, which was noticeably flatter than the left side.
Also continued to work on the jawline and chin definition, as well as lip volume and the perioral area.

“Doing this treatment plan in stages worked well with various students as we could build on the treatment areas slowly over time. Building it up slowly also gave reassurance to Diane that we would keep results natural-looking, which was of utmost importance to her.”

What results have been achieved?

Revolumised the mid-face by addressing the bony resorption of the cheek bones and replacement of fat in the cheek fat pads. This also helped to reduce the appearance of sagging jowls.
Further softened the appearance of the jowls by direct jawline treatment.
Addressed bony resorption of the chin by direct treatment here.
Addressed age-related changes such as thinning lips, downward turned mouth and marionette lines with direct treatment with filler.

“Overall the treatments worked to change the face shape from an inverted triangle/square towards the triangle of youth which gives a more youthful appearance.”

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