Treating Smoker’s Lines

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Smoker’s lines, lip lines, lipstick lines, barcode lines – whatever you call them, those pesky vertical lines that form around the mouth can be a frequent source of concern. But they needn’t be!

Obviously, the best way to stop them getting any worse is to give up smoking… but you already know that. Although particularly common amongst smokers, anyone can develop them over time.

As treating smoker’s lines can be tricky, especially if you’ve been smoking for a long time, we needed to bring in the big guns!

We called on aesthetic medicine expert, The Academy Clinic mentor and senior Harley Academy clinical trainer, Natalie Haswell who explains your options below.

Your options for treating smoker’s lines

Dermal filler for smoker’s lines:

The Academy Clinic offers lip filler to the upper lip as a treatment for smoker’s lines. This essentially plumps out the vertical lines caused by the repeated puckering action made whilst smoking.

“We use Juvéderm Volbella to treat smoker’s lines at The Academy Clinic,” advises Nat. “Generally, we also prefer to use a cannula rather than a needle because this approach has been shown in studies to be safer. It is also more comfortable for you, however, we can use a needle and apply a topical numbing agent. Volbella also contains lidocaine – an anaesthetic – to further reduce any discomfort.”

Lip filler in the vermillion border:

Nat explains, “We can treat your vermillion border – the line around the edge of the lips which may become paler or blurred as we age – with lip filler. This allows us to add definition and structure to your lips and is an effective way to rejuvenate signs of ageing in this area.”

Skin treatments to hydrate and plump the area, reducing skin laxity:

We all know smoking can cause cancer and various other serious illnesses. However, on a more basic level, it’s also known to cause dull, dry and dehydrated skin.

“Skin boosters, chemical peels and microneedling can all be effective alternative options for treating smoker’s lines,” advises Nat. “Furthermore, these skin treatments can be paired with any of the above treatments to maximise their effects.”

“A hyaluronic acid-based skin booster can hydrate and treat the skin,” says Nat. “Whilst chemical peels and microneedling can slough off dead skin cells and stimulate collagen and elastin. This can improve the structure of the skin and help to tighten lax skin.”

Combination treatment plans:

Smoker’s lines can be tricky to treat. One common recommendation is for a combination of treatments to get you to the result you’re looking for. Really come at them from all angles! As such, you may require more than one appointment in order to reach your desired outcome.

All our smoker’s lines treatments can be combined and your medical aesthetics practitioner will recommend those they believe are best suited to your needs. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed with one, a combination, or none! Additionally, you can decide whether to commit to a longer-term treatment plan from the outset, or you may prefer to start with one specific treatment and see how you go. It’s entirely up to you!

One last tip…

“Don’t forget to use sun protection of SPF 30 or above every day. It needs to have broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and is possibly the most crucial anti-ageing skincare product in your routine,” Nat tells us. “Be sure to use it around your mouth and on your lips – dedicated SPF lip balms are available – to protect this area and stop these lines from getting any worse.”

Booking your smoker’s lines treatment appointment

You can book for injectable treatments online – all appointments begin with a consultation.

You can also call or email to let us know that you’re interested in treating smoker’s lines and we’ll work out the best appointment type for you.

Your aesthetics practitioner will then discuss their treatment recommendations with you following a thorough consultation. You can then decide which you feel is right for you – as always at The Academy Clinic, the choice is entirely yours.

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