The B Word

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Cosmetic toxin treatment was first introduced 20 years ago after gaining FDA approval in April 2002. To celebrate its birthday, here are 5 fun facts about anti-wrinkle treatment


Anti-wrinkle treatment isn’t just used to give you a smooth forehead or to relax your crow’s feet. Medical practitioners have many uses for this clever drug. These include treating excessive sweating, an overactive bladder or – a Hollywood favourite – injecting your feet to reduce the pain of wearing high heels! NB at The Academy Clinic we stick to the face and neck


Many people don’t know the difference between anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal filler – even if they are treated with them! The key distinction is that wrinkle reduction treatment reduces the action of specific muscles and has a ‘freezing’ effect. It reduces or stops certain actions that cause dynamic wrinkles. Fillers, however, add volume; they are often used to replace fat loss due to ageing – cheek filler, for example. Or, they can be used to enhance by adding to what you already have for reasons of beautification, as with lip fillers.


If you have a small forehead, we may need to place injections in your hairline to ensure you get the result you’re looking for. If you have a bigger forehead you may need a wider distribution of injections to get the best results.


UK aesthetics clinics that treat patients are not allowed to actively discount or advertise “the B word” – a popular anti-wrinkle treatment’s brand name that rhymes with foe-fox – online. This law is designed to prevent the marketing of prescription only medication. Hence you’ll often find it referred to as wrinkle relaxer, anti-wrinkle injections, etc. This is also why educational and information led content about this treatment is more common online.


Wrinkle reduction injections should always be personalised to your unique facial anatomy and needs. This means considering aspects such as how much movement you want to retain (if any) and whether your muscles are stronger on one side so may benefit from a larger dose for even results.

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