How Long Do Fillers Last

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When injected into the skin via biodegradable fillers, hyaluronic acid offers a temporary volumising effect. In this case ‘temporary’ means roughly 3 to 24 months. Some of the most popular brands of hyaluronic acid-based biodegradable fillers include Juvederm and Restylane.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) can stimulate collagen production and can also be mixed with additional ingredients. With high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and lots of cross-links, firm fillers can last up to two years.

What affects how long filler lasts?

Typically the lifespan of HA filler is 3-24 months, but depends on a number of factors. This includes:

  • indication for treatment (where it is used)
  • how much is used
  • product type: concentration of HA/cross-linking technology
  • individual physiology and lifestyle

Average length of time facial fillers and lip filler lasts

We can, however, give you an idea of the average length of time fillers last based on where they are placed.

  • Lip fillers tend to last between 3-8 months
  • Nose to mouth line fillers 8-12 months
  • Cheek fillers can last 12-18 months
  • Chin and jawline filler 12-24 months
  • Temple fillers 8-12 months
  • Tear trough fillers 12 months
  • Eyebrow fillers 3-8 months
  • Forehead filler 3-8 months

At the Academy Clinic we use the high fidelity Juvéderm® Vycross range of fillers for all these injectable treatments, including cheek filler, chin filler and lip filler treatments. This comprises two industry-leading products:

  • Volbella for hydration, fine line reduction and shape definition
  • Volift for plumping and reshaping.

Using its patented Vycross technology to extend the filler’s life, Juvéderm created both Volbella and Volift by fusing a high concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a small amount of the local anaesthetic, lidocaine. The lidocaine makes getting injectables a more comfortable experience whilst the cross-linked high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids improve the filler’s efficacy. Volux is a more recent product exclusively patented for chin and jawline sculpting.

It’s like denim – if you want the ultimate pair of jeans, you need the best quality fabric and a precise pattern, stitched to give you that perfect cut. With fillers, you need the optimal ingredients that are then blended into a premium injectable solution. Then you need a specialist injector to artfully apply that filler to meet your needs.

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