Unlocking Confidence: A Guide to Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

At The Academy Clinic, our commitment to reputation, quality, and care is unparalleled. As a proud member of Harley Academy, the UK’s premier postgraduate training provider in aesthetic medicine, we extend a warm invitation to our esteemed clientele. Embark on a journey toward a uniquely confident version of yourself.


Understanding Anti-Wrinkle Treatments


Upper Face Anti-Wrinkle Treatments:

Forehead Lines, Frown Lines (number 11s), and Crow’s Feet: Our practitioners use precise injections to smooth lines, prevent creasing, and rejuvenate your appearance. Each treatment is customised to retain your desired level of facial movement.

Beyond the Face:

Neck Lines Treatment: Vertical neck lines (platysmal bands) can be addressed with anti-wrinkle injections helping smooth the skin on the neck.

Jawline Slimming Treatment: Targeting the masseters, this treatment slims the jawline and adds definition.


Your Bespoke Journey Begins


Every anti-wrinkle treatment at The Academy Clinic commences with a personalised face-to-face consultation. Medical professionals administer all treatments in a safe, ethical, and professional environment, using high-quality products. We warmly welcome individuals of all ages (18+), genders, skin types and tones.

With very little downtime required (we estimate around 1 day of recovery time), anti-wrinkle appointments can work around your busy schedule. At The Academy Clinic, we have a range of appointment days and times available, and you have the added benefit of choosing the treatment tier that is right for you!

Results are expected to last for 3-6 months and we recommend you booking your follow up appointments in advance so you have your scheduled treatment plan all set out!


What Our Models Say: 


Anju: “Extremely pleased with the brilliant work of our skilled practitioners. They explained everything in detail and took very good care of me.”

Mandy: “Won’t be going to anyone different now. Always a fantastic service.”

Stephanie: “Very pleased with the service, everyone was warmly welcoming, especially my practitioner.”


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Your confidence journey begins here at The Academy Clinic. Take the first step toward a more confident and radiant version of yourself. Contact us today, and our practitioners will craft a personalised anti-wrinkle treatment plan just for you!

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