The Liquid Lift - Your Need-To-Knows

What is a non-surgical face lift?

A non-surgical face lift is a full-face treatment ideally suited to those aged over 40 who are looking for a more youthful and healthy appearance. The aim of the treatment is to restore facial support in areas where it has been lost through the ageing process. This means that although the results from a non surgical face lift can be significant, it will still keep you looking like you – at your best.

How does a liquid lift work?

We use a combination of injectable treatments to lift the brow, cheeks, mouth corners and jowls in a tailor made treatment. Our doctors will conduct a thorough examination of your facial features and will assess the ageing changes that may be contributing to a tired, sad or unhealthy appearance. We then create a treatment plan with you which is performed over 1-3 appointments according to your preference.

What about aftercare?

There is no expected social down-time for this treatment. Simply keep the treated area clean and make up free for the first 12 hours.

How long does it last?

1-2 years.

This treatment is available as a bespoke treatment by lead practitioners at The Academy Clinic.