Want To Treat Sagging Jowls & Jawline?

What causes jowls?

Jowls start to appear when the face sags due to fat and bone structure changes that are part of the natural ageing process.

What is jowl treatment?

Strategically placed dermal filler treatment to the cheeks, chin and jawline can be used to lift and hide jowls (the sagging pouch-like area at the front of the jawline).

How does jowl treatment work?

Jowls are best treated by lifting the face with a non-surgical face lift; restoring the face to its youthful positioning will remove jowls which are caused by facial sagging. More subtle ageing changes on the jawline can be treated by dermal filler treatment to the jawline or chin directly.

What about aftercare?

There is no expected down-time for this treatment. Simply keep the treated area clean and make up free for the first 12 hours.

How long does it last?

12 months.