Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions

Section 1: Program & Eligibility


The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program (“Program”) is a free rewards program offered by Harley Academy Limited (trading as “The Academy Clinic”). (“Academy Clinic”) (“we”, “our” or “us”) to its subscription customers (“Member(s)”). By enrolling in the Program, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and any amendments or modifications thereto.

The Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. Persons under the age of eighteen (18) must obtain consent from parents or legal guardians in order to participate. This Program is void where prohibited by law.

To be eligible to participate in this Program, you must have an Academy Clinic account, enroll or be enrolled in an active subscription, and have a valid form of accepted payment on file.

Subscription customers prior to the effective date of the Program must sign up for this Program to be eligible for and receive any benefits listed herein. New subscription customers after the Program launch date will be automatically enrolled. You may be asked to provide additional personal information in order to enrol in this Program. For more details on what information The Academy Clinic collects from its website visitors and children, please visit The Academy Clinic’s Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference.

If you cancel your product subscription you will no longer be eligible for the Program, or any benefits provided.

The Academy Clinic reserves the right to change this Program at any time at its sole discretion, including benefits and eligibility. If we make any material changes to these terms and conditions or terminate the Program, we will post the new terms on our website, and we may notify you by email. All benefits will apply to future orders only, including for current subscriptions.


Members may cancel membership of the Program at any time by contacting info@theacademyclinic.co.uk, or unsubscribing to all subscriptions in the account page. In the event that the Member or The Academy Clinic cancels a membership of the Program, all benefits offered by the Program will be terminated.


Section 2: Points explained


  1. Points do not have any monetary value, except to the extent specifically provided for by a reward under the Program.
  2. Points cannot be transferred, bought, sold or traded, except as stated in these The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions.
  3. Points balances may not be combined with another Member’s account Point balance or be transferred or sold. Points balances have no purpose or use other than the purchase of The Academy Clinic’s qualifying services, in accordance with these The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions.
  4. Points are not property and cannot be redeemed as cash.
  5. Points will be awarded for each eligible transaction made.
  6. Points cannot be backdated nor transferred from other user accounts—even that of the same user name, email address or telephone number.
  7. Points cannot be sold.
  8. We withhold the Point to limit Point earning eligibility on discounted or promotional purchases.


Section 3: Loyalty Point Accrual under the Program


  1. For every £10 spent on eligible services you will gain one loyalty point on your existing clinic account (“Point(s)”).
  2. Points are earned for each whole £10 spent of the value of each eligible transaction.
  3. Where less than £10 is spent in a transaction the value will be rounded down and no Points earned.
  4. Points are earned from paid closed invoices on all treatment services transactions.
  5. Points cannot be earned on product transactions.
  6. Points cannot be earned from initial deposit payments.
  7. Points cannot be earned from refer a friend redemption or any other discount values or any promotions.
  8. Points are not redeemable against the purchase of gift cards or e-gift cards, nor value added tax or delivery charges.


Section 4: Redeeming Loyalty Points


  1. 1 l Point can be redeemed to a maximum value of £1.
  2. Point redemption can only be redeemed at a minimum of 40 points
  3. Points cannot be used to pay for a deposit.
  4. Points cannot be used to pay for products.
  5. Points can only be redeemed on selected services.
  6. We reserve the right to change which services are eligible for payment with Points at any time.
  7. For redemptions against skin services, you must contact us directly to enable a Point redemption.


Section 5: Bonus Points


  1. During promotional periods, the number of Points earned per £10 spent may increase during promotional periods which will be clearly defined campaigns with start and end dates specified—in the event of no end date being specified, we reserve the right to end promotional period increased Point earning at our own discretion.
  2. Bonus Points may differ in usability from that of ordinary Points, as will be clearly defined during any promotional bonus Point campaign.


Section 6: Displaying Points


  1. Your Point balance will be displayed within your online clinic account.
  2. We will also send you loyalty Point statements to the email address associated with your The Academy Clinic account up to 4 times a year. This will be sent to the email address associated with you’re the Academy Clinic account.
  3. You can contact us directly to enquire about your current Point balance at any time at info@theacademyclinic.co.uk


Section 7: Transactions eligible for Earning Points


  1. There may be some transactions which can be made that will not earn Points for your account. These may include:– Unauthorised purchases for which you are not liable.
    – Purchases made of promotional items noted not to be part of the Points campaign.
    – Purchases for certain services which are excluded from earning Points.
    – Returned and/or refunded purchases.
    – Deposit-only transactions.


Section 8: Things That Can Reduce Your Balance


Your Points balance will be reduced when:

  1. Yourself, or someone authorised by you, uses your Points to claim a reward.
  2. Your Points expire, as stated in section 9.
  3. A refund or reimbursement for a transaction previously made is debited to your The Academy Clinic account. This may happen for a number of reasons, such as a refund. There have been unauthorised transactions from your account for which you are not liable.
  4. Points were incorrectly allocated to your Points balance.
  5. If we reasonably suspect you have behaved fraudulently in connection to your loyalty account and are not entitled to Points earned.
  6. Points balances are not valid unless accrued in strict compliance with the requirements set forth in The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions, and Members shall not attempt to earn account Points by any illicit means (including, without limitation, by using any script, bot, data mine or other automated means).


Section 9: Expiration of Points


  1. Points in your The Academy Clinic account must be claimed within 24 months from the date of the transaction earning those Points.
  2. Points that remain unused after 24 months will expire and be forfeited.
  3. Closure of your The Academy Clinic account will result in immediate expiration of your Points. These Points will be immediately forfeited and cannot be reactivated upon creating a new account.
  4. If our Program gets terminated by us, we will notify all loyalty users how long they have to use remaining Points before final expiration.
  5. No other users are legible to use your Points: If for whatever reason we are notified that you’re the Academy Clinic account has been compromised and given to another, we reserve the right to instantly expire remaining Points. Should this happen incorrectly please contact us immediately.


Section 10: Resolving Disputes


Should have a complaint in relation to our Program, please contact our team directly through on info@theacademyclinic.co.uk

We aim to resolve problems promptly. If we cannot find an instant solution we will let you know how long we expect it to take. Once we have completed our investigations we will let you know our decision, and the reasoning behind it.

If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been resolved, or indeed the steps we have taken, you may wish to contact a third-party dispute resolution scheme. We also welcome feedback directly as we strive to act in your interest and provide great customer service through fair decision making.


Section 11: How to Communicate with Us


As noted in section 10, you can contact us directly on info@theacademyclinic.co.uk

If we need to contact you, we will send emails to the address you provided for your account. In case we need to update you urgently, our help team may phone the number attached to your account.

You are responsible for notifying us for any changes to your contact details.


Section 12: Personal Information


By signing up and creating The Academy Clinic account and booking your first appointment, you opt in to our Program. We will need to collect, hold, use, disclose information about you in connection with your account, Points and rewards. Information will include certain personal information and transaction information relating to Points earned and requests for rewards.

We will use this information for purposes of our loyalty program to provide and market rewards and services to you.

We may also use or disclose your personal information to let you know about offers and news relating to our Program electronically—e.g., email, SMS, and social media. We will act with your best interests in mind to communicate news to you, and you can let us know at any time if you no longer wish to receive our marketing. We will process this request as soon as practicable.

We treat all personal information with care and in accordance with our Privacy Policy


Section 13: Program Termination


We may terminate our Program at any time acting reasonably. Where possible, we will give you at least 90 days’ notice of termination and cancellation of our Program and your The Academy Clinic account (if applicable).

If we give you notice after termination, Points will only continue to be credited to your Points balance in relation to transactions that occurred prior to the date of termination.

Any notice we give will include the general reasons for termination (if possible), and the time period available to you to use Points in your Points balance to claim rewards. We will define the time limit remaining before final expiration of all Points.

Examples of when we may terminate include, but are not limited to:

  1. where you are in default under these The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions, The Academy Clinic’s booking t’s & c’s or the terms and conditions of another facility that the customer has with us; or
  2. where we believe on reasonable grounds that the continued operation of the account may cause loss to the Member or us.

These examples are for guidance only and do not limit our ability to cancel the account.


Section 14: Changes to Terms and Conditions


We reserve the right to change and update these The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions when required.  Whilst these changes may come without prior notice, we will notify Members of any major updates to ensure full transparency.


Section 15: Governing Law and Jurisdiction


The Academy Clinic and each Member each irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England in respect of any dispute or claim arising from these The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions or other Member benefits from or relating to these The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions or a Member’s participation in the Program.

The Academy Clinic Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.


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