Jawline Slimming Treatment - How Does It Work?

What is facial slimming treatment?

For some people the jaw muscles (massetters) can become large and bulky which creates a wide, heavy-jawed appearance. This can be caused by habitual jaw clenching (which may be stress related), teeth grinding or regular gum chewing. This treatment relaxes and shrinks these muscles which leads to a slimmer facial shape.

How does facial slimming work?

Muscle relaxing (used in our Anti-Wrinkle treatments) micro-injections are used to treat the jaw muscles directly. These are virtually painless and take only seconds to perform. The treatment takes 2-4 weeks to take effect and to maintain the result 2-3 treatments per year are recommended.

What about aftercare?

There is no social downtime from this treatment and no specific aftercare actions are required other than avoiding strenuous exercise and facial flushing for 24 hours.

How long does it last?

3 – 6 months.