Dermal Fillers

Expertly and artistically performed injectable treatments can shape and sculpt your facial features to improve their overall harmony and beauty. Beauty is firstly about looking happy and healthy and secondly about the balance and proportions of your facial features.
We are committed to using the highest quality products; for our dermal filler treatments we use JUVÉDERM®️ Vycross filler, the premium product range from Juvederm.

Lip Fillers

Our most popular dermal filler treatment is even more accessible, priced at £75 for 0.55ml or £95 for 1ml of dermal filler in our SILVER appointments. Lip filler treatment is suitable for beautifying and volumising young lips, reducing the signs of ageing in older lips and correcting any unbalanced asymmetry. Discover more about lip filler treatment here

Cheek Fillers

As the supporting structure for the under-eye and the lower face, weight loss or ageing changes in the cheek area can have a significant result on your overall facial appearance. Cheek filler treatment can be used to lift the face, to sculpt the cheekbones, and to add a healthy-looking plumpness to the apple of the cheek.

Chin Fillers

Particularly suitable for those who naturally have a small, recessed, or poorly-defined chin. These small tweaks to the balance of your features can have a big impact on the overall harmony of your appearance. This treatment can either define, enlarge, narrow or widen the chin as required according to an individual facial assessment.

Marionette Lines

These lines running from the corners of your mouth to your chin can sometimes give the appearance of looking sad or angry – when in fact you’re not! These lines appear when the face sags with age due to fat and bone structure changes that are part of the natural ageing process.

Nasolabial Folds

These lines from the nose to the mouth appear when the cheeks sags with age due to fat and bone structure changes that are part of the natural ageing process.

Further treatment options are also available with our lead clinic practitioners. Discover more on advanced treatments.