Cupid’s Bow Lip Filler

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For a Natural, Defined Pout.


Have you heard of Cupid’s bow lip filler treatments?

Read on to find out how this injecting technique can be used to provide a beautifully defined pout with natural looking results.


What does Cupid’s bow lip filler do?


There’s more to lip augmentation than you might think… In addition to adding volume, smoothing and correcting asymmetry, certain lip filler techniques can also help to add definition.

Cupid’s bow lip filler defines the middle section of your top lip. The ‘twin peaks’ shape is known as the Cupid’s bow as the undulating shape is thought to resemble the mythical cherub’s crossbow.

The cupid’s bow is rarely treated in isolation; it can form part of your regular lip filler treatment. This is true whether your motivation for having lip fillers is anti-ageing or beautification.


What does having my cupid’s bow treated involve?


Cupid’s bow lip filler involves defining and plumping this area by injecting it with a premium Hyaluronic Acid filler product using a fine needle.

The tip of each of the two ‘peaks’ in your cupid’s bow are known as the Glogau-Klein (GK) points. These are injected with a tiny amount (“aliquot”) of filler – around 0.05ml each – to lift the cupid’s bow from underneath.

“Treating the cupid’s bow requires precision,” notes Paula O’Sullivan. “Needles give control when depositing small volumes of dermal filler in exact areas.”

Whilst the cupid’s bow is treated directly, this part of your lip filler treatment may also involve injecting filler along the vermillion border (where you would apply lip liner) for added definition. Very small amounts of soft filler are used to maintain a natural result.

The last step of your treatment involves having your lips massaged. This is to shape and mould your lip filler into the perfect shape and to prevent any lumps.


Will having lip fillers in my cupid’s bow hurt?


As with all filler treatments at The Academy Clinic, your healthcare professional will ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Obviously, everyone has different pain thresholds, so our aesthetics practitioners will work with you to find your best options for minimising discomfort during your lip filler treatment.

The filler used for lip injections contains a numbing agent (lidocaine) for a more pleasant experience. You also have the option of an additional topical anaesthetic cream being applied beforehand.

This lidocaine cream is not always necessary but whether this is suitable for you, and if you would like it, will always be discussed during your consultation. As with every aspect of your dermal filler treatments with us, the choice is always yours.


How can I book this lip filler treatment?


If you’d like to book your lip filler appointment at our London clinics, you can explore the various pricing options – starting from £65 – on our treatment menu. This will also guide you to our easy-to-use online booking system, however, you can also book in by calling us on 020 3884 3246.

Our highly skilled healthcare professionals look forward to helping you create – or maintain – your perfect pout!

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