About Us

The Academy Clinic is a unique cosmetic injectables and skin clinic. We partner with Harley Academy, the UK’s largest Cosmetic Medical School, enabling you to unlock safe cosmetic injectable treatments at affordable prices as a Cosmetic Model in our Training Clinics across the UK.

Previously known as GILD Clinic, we have recently renamed our clinic to strengthen our partnership with Harley Academy and our shared passion for raising the levels of aesthetic treatments throughout the UK. 

Our treatments are performed by medical professionals (doctors, nurses and dentists) closely supervised by our leading practitioners in a safe, ethical environment using high-quality products. Men and women of all ages and skin types are welcome as a Cosmetic Model at The Academy Clinic.

We know that, whatever your age, you want your face to reflect the best version of you – happy, healthy, rested, and uniquely beautiful. Our treatments in our Training Clinics always start with a one-to-one consultation and each treatment as a Cosmetic Model is bespoke to your individual needs.

You can access treatments as a Cosmetic Model in our Training Clinics in London, Birmingham, and Manchester. You can view all of our training clinic locations here.

A wide range of advanced injectable and skin treatments are also available via private appointments. Performed by our leading aesthetic practitioners in a private setting, please see our full treatment and price list here.

Meet The Academy Clinic practitioners and mentors. 

Dr Tristan Mehta CEO and founder


Tristan holds a postgraduate diploma in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine as well as being a medical doctor and entrepreneur.

Tristan founded our sister company Harley Academy in 2015 to combat the lack of standardised medical training provided within aesthetic medicine. He has since become a prominent thought leader within the industry as well as an excellent practitioner. He has a confident and inspiring approach to both teaching and the delivery of facial aesthetic treatments.
Dr Emily MacGregor clinical director gild clinic


Emily is a medical doctor and a talented teacher with an array of medical & teaching qualifications. 

She writes and improves our Academy teaching content alongside her role as Clinical Director and Practitioner at The Academy Clinic.

She completed a psychology degree with her medical degree and has a strong interest in the psychology of appearance. She also has a vast interest in art which she translates in her approach towards aesthetic medicine.

Dr Kalpna Pindolia aesthetic practitioner


Dr Kalpna Pindolia sees aesthetics as a delicate balance between artistry, symmetry and professional experience. 

She graduated the University of Wales, College of Medicine in 2000, Dr Pindolia has had the privilege of working in Emergency Medicine and Maritime Medicine before realising and settling into her true passion: Aesthetic Medicine. Her approach to treatment is to rejuvenate and refresh facial appearance using minimally invasive techniques that compliment someone’s features and result in a natural and enhanced appearance.

Dr Yalda Jamali aesthetics practitioner


Yalda is the Clinical Educational Fellow for Harley Academy and practitioner at The Academy Clinic.

As a qualified medical doctor, she works in tandem with the courses team to improve and develop the Academy’s substantive teaching content. She is also one of the Academy’s primary clinical mentors, drawing upon her expertise and specialisation in medical aesthetics. With a demonstrable artistic eye for facial aesthetics, Yalda brings a strong passion for treating aesthetics as a medical specialty. Beyond her work at the Harley Academy and The Academy Clinic, she also runs her own leading medical aesthetics clinic in Nottingham.

Natalie Haswell Aesthetics Practitioner

Natalie Haswell

Natalie is a Prescribing Aesthetics Nurse Specialist, Clinical Trainer and Mentor at The Academy Clinic. 

She is a former NHS Practice Matron, nurse prescriber, and aesthetics practitioner, with over 13 years’ NHS nursing experience.

Natalie’s nursing career is extensive – it includes 6 years NHS Acute hospital experience in Trauma and Orthopaedics, General surgery and Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT).

Natalie is passionate about ensuring ethical practice in Aesthetic Medicine and that patient safety always comes first. She applies high standards, ethical scientific practice, years of relevant experience, empathetic and a holistic approach to all of her treatments in clinic.

“It is my passion to make people feel confident in themselves and their appearance, by enhancing their natural beauty or assisting in rejuvenation and restoration.”

Maja Swierczynska Aesthetics practitioner


Maja is a highly skilled lead aesthetic practitioner and trainer who specialises in skin rejuvenation treatments.
She is a true skin expert with a Masters Degree in Cosmetology and Cosmetic Science which helps her to create a bespoke treatment and skincare plan for every client.
Dr Jo Hackney Aesthetics Practitioner


Dr Hackney is an aesthetic practitioner and clinical mentor with Harley Academy.  

As an anaesthetist, she became a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists in 2017, before realising her true passion in the field of advanced aesthetic medicine. She has a precise approach to creating balanced and natural results with patient’s best interests and safety at the forefront of her practice.
Dr Shahd Twijiri The Academy Clinic

Dr Shahd Twijiri

Dr Shahd qualified as a dental surgeon from King’s College London.

She believes in a holistic approach – combining different treatments leaving patients confident to wear their skin. 
Dr Shahd particularly enjoys the consultation stage and getting to know her patients – and helping patients to receive the best natural-looking results.
Dr Marcus Mehta Aesthetics Practitioner


Dr Marcus Mehta is an aesthetic doctor with a postgraduate diploma in clinical dermatology.

He is an upbeat and inspiring teacher for Harley Academy, who has valuable clinical experience working in busy clinics in Harley Street & Knightsbridge.

He also acts as a mentor giving specialist advice, guidance and support to our large medical community of students and patients.

Lorraine Guinan The Academy Clinic


Lorraine has over 18 years NHS experience as a qualified nurse in various senior positions.

Lorraine worked in the speciality of Head and Neck, ENT and maxillofacial surgery for most of her career to date. This has given her a real insight into the impact of how people look can make them feel.

Lorraine was keen to have a really strong base of experience as a senior practitioner before going into the aesthetic industry. Lorraine feels that the naturally enhanced look is most effective and tweaks to natural beauty are far superior to the ‘over-done’ look that many patients are looking to avoid.

“I love working with the amazing, knowledgeable, friendly team at The Academy Clinic. There is a strong sense of compassion, friendly and approachable practitioners, patient understanding and being ethical – ensuring that I tell people if I feel that treatment is not necessary or in their best interests.”

Dr Raquel Amado

Dr Raquel was born in Portugal where she graduated as a dental surgeon. 

Being a dentist, Dr Raquel has been clinically trained to use anaesthetics safely, making her highly skilled with needles and injection techniques.

After graduating, Dr Raquel decided to move to England and started working for the NHS as a General Dentist. Over the years, she did a post-graduation in dental sedation and pain management in the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London, certificate of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry, among other certifications.

Dr Raquel is known for her friendly and caring manner, being discreet, and putting her patients at ease. She is passionate about patient care and making patients feel good and confident in their own skin.

The level of care and professionalism sets The Academy Clinic apart from other clinics. There’s a relaxed atmosphere, we only recommended what is best for individual patients – there’s no ‘hard-sell’.

Dr Jaymi Lad


Dr Jaymi Lad is the lead practitioner and mentor for our Manchester clinic. 

Jaymi is a talented aesthetics doctor who specialises in cosmetic dermatology and injectable treatments alongside her work in General Practice. She has additional qualifications in education and works as a trainer and academic at Harley Academy.  Her two great passions are skin health and keeping fit by practising aerial dance

“I was drawn to aesthetic medicine as it is the perfect combination of creativity and science. In addition to technique and knowledge, an aesthetic physician must realise each patient’s individuality in order to tailor treatment to suit their gender, ethnicity and personal concerns.”